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The Blog with No Name.

My Blog is so cool it doesn't need a name or even an adequate description.


I thought to start this off, I may as well do an introduction. My name is Stephen and I am 24 years old. Born in Lincoln, England. Technically a city, but Lincolnshire is a very rural county in England. I remember hearing that it is one of the biggest counties in England, I don't know how true that was though. I lived in Lincolnshire for 23 years, that's a long time to live in such a boring and desolate place. I moved to USA in 2013 and got married to my girlfriend of 5 years. We are still happily married, so we surpassed the dreaded 1 year where most of marriages are doomed to fail. It was a breeze, there was no close calls, but I suppose that's what happens when you try to make it work and actually get to know the person first. Moving to the United States wasn't too much of a culture shock, thankfully we moved to Arizona which is not much more extravagant than Lincolnshire.


I am a huge fan of watching films, reading books, watching sports, writing, Batman and a host of other things. I will give any film a chance, I give every film 30 minutes to engage me, no matter the genre or who is in it. Even if someone I despise is in it, I will give it a chance. Too many films to list that I like, I don't so much like a specific genre as I will give anything a chance and could probably pick a film from every genre that I adore.


I was never a big reader back in school, if I was I probably would have done a lot better. I got into it a few years after school. Reading for fun and discovering what was out there and now I read more or less everyday, there are few things more satisfying than the thrill of a good book. I will give any sport a chance and won't have an arrogant take on it just because it's not popular England. I prefer football and baseball the most. My teams being Sheffield Wednesday for football and Seattle Mariners for Baseball. I really cannot explain the Mariners one, I have never been to Seattle before. I have tried supporting more local Baseball teams, but I just can't.


And that's that.