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Ask The Dust Review

Every once in a while you read a book and every page, every paragraph and every word speaks to you on such a personal level that you feel like the book was written for you and you alone. For some it’s Catcher in the Rye, but for me it is John Fante’s classic story Ask the Dust. Fante’s style can only be described as a raw, honest and entirely pure portrayal of something he no doubt actually experienced. It is the most real story I have come across. Fante writes in such a purposeful way, every sentence rolls on to the next with such ease. He treats every word with the care and consideration it deserves.


The reason Ask the Dust spoke to me on so many volumes was the character Arturo Bandini. Despite suffering from some delusions of grandeur, he is an ambitious young man trying to find himself in such an unforgiving climate. On some level in our lives, we can all relate. I was with him every step of his journey. Every small victory he celebrated with enthusiasm and every moment of anguish that crushed him like a bolder.