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December 2015
reviewed: Double Star by Robert A. Heinlein Review
Published in the 1950’s, Double Star is tells the story of a washed up actor that receives a role of the life time as one of ...
January 2015
reviewed: This Immortal by Roger Zelazny Review
Every once in a while every reader comes across a book that they should like. Everything is put in place for it to be a great...
January 2015
reviewed: Time out of Joint by Philip K. Dick Review
For the past year or so I have really become enamored to the point of obsession in the work of Philip K. Dick. After spending...
December 2014
reviewed: Spin by Robert Charles Wilson Review
Spin is my first exposure to Robert Charles Wilson’s work. Upon reading the synopsis I wasn’t entirely enthralled or grabbed ...
October 2014
reviewed: Counter-Clock World Review
In my ongoing journey to read every Philip K. Dick book and after tearing through his most well-known ones. I picked up the l...
October 2014
reviewed: A Childhood's End Review
I am always fairly cautious when reading some of the older Sci-Fi Classics. They can be a bit of an uphill battle to overcome...
October 2014
reviewed: Ask The Dust Review
Every once in a while you read a book and every page, every paragraph and every word speaks to you on such a personal level t...
September 2014
reviewed: Pandemic Review
While I see many reviews that applaud the Infected series, marking it down as a truly outstanding accomplishment in the Sci-F...
August 2014
reviewed: Congo by Michael Crichton Review
I bought this book for two reasons. The first reason was after reading the Pirates book he half wrote, I was left feeling dis...
July 2014
reviewed: Red Inferno: 1945 Review
Only my second foray into speculative fiction. The first being the endearing and phenomenal ‘The Man in the High Castle’ by s...
April 2014
reviewed: The Dark Knight Returns Review
The Dark Knight Returns shows us a different Gotham than one we are used to. A Gotham that hasn’t seen Batman in 10 years, th...
March 2014
text: Divergent (Book) Review
From a far, Divergent appears to be just another in a long line of Hunger Games copies. The latest fad to sweep the young min...
March 2014
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text: Introduction.
I thought to start this off, I may as well do an introduction. My name is Stephen and I am 24 years old. Born in Lincoln, Eng...