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Double Star by Robert A. Heinlein Review

Published in the 1950’s, Double Star is tells the story of a washed up actor that receives a role of the life time as one of the most important public figures in the Galaxy. At first glance, the plot for this Robert Heinlein novel reads like a bad Star Trek episode, upon reading though the realization hits that it’s actually a pretty fun story.

Heinlein’s prose is smooth and his ability to be comedic really helps the story progress without getting too bogged down by Sci-Fi clichés. Some aspects of the book are choppy and outdated (particularly the side characters) It’s the main character that goes through some interesting character development. Heinlein manages to invoke some emotion out of the self-serving Actor that borders on bravery and virtue at times.

Overall, it’s not one I would say you should start off with if you haven’t read Heinlein before, but if nothing else it’s worth a look. Heinlein expertly crafts a very outdated idea into a fun ride with some turns along the way.