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Spin by Robert Charles Wilson Review

Spin is my first exposure to Robert Charles Wilson’s work. Upon reading the synopsis I wasn’t entirely enthralled or grabbed by the prospects put on the table by Spin. Two things changed my mind. One is finding out that it won a Hugo Award, I wouldn’t usually be affected by award winners. It’s the damn Hugo’s though! Secondly was hearing that it was a coming of age story. I’m a sucker for those.


Spin tells the story of three young kids that witness the disappearance of the stars. A night none of the trio forget and an event that forges their lives over the next 30 years. Spin is an incredibly ambitious Novel with some outstanding World building by Wilson. I am an avid reader of Sci-Fi, but I do think that some seem to favor the Science over the actual story and characters. Thankfully, this is not one of them, the Science and the intricate plot building are balanced by Wilson like an expert juggler.


The Science of the novel was incredibly interesting and made for an enthralling read to the point that when there was a dip or two in the pacing of the plot that kept me going. The only complaint I could have, would be the protagonist Tyler Dupree. After a while he started to really grate on me, he was virtually emotionless in this whole Novel. Acting like a love sick puppy to one of the characters and an obedient dog to another character. It seemed like there was fear in having Tyler commit himself to any opinion, should he seem anything less than perfect. Luckily the other two characters central to this story were incredibly complex and interesting.